Saddlebags + Shop Info

I’ve finished up three sets of saddlebags and have listed them today:



They can be found here:

Also, I will be closing my shop during the month of December, so if you’d like to get any orders in for Christmas, please do so by the 30th of November. The prices on my saddlepad listings have been lowered for a little while now, and will remain that way until I reopen my shop in January. 🙂



Shop Update and Bareback Pads

I’ve listed four bareback pads today:



Some of these have been in progress forever so it’s nice to have them completed! They can be found here:


I will be discontinuing the “wizarding-inspired” pads at the end of the month, OR until they sell out, whichever comes first. I can take on ONE more full set of five. I have a limited quantity (7) of the individual pads.

Full Set



I may make individual pads for sale in the future, but won’t be making them to order anymore, so if you’re interested in a specific color grab one now! Thanks. 🙂

Shop Update: Open!

My shop is open again, and this time I’m offering a few things as made-to-order items. This includes stable halters, the working saddle pads:


Western saddle pads with white…


Or black fleece lining…


And glitter bell boots:


Because these are made to order, there is a 1-2 week turnaround time before items are ready to ship. I hope to have some patterned pieces available in the future as well. For now, those will most likely be listed as they’re made, as I was doing before.

I am planning on listing more saddlebags, english pads, and other items sometime in the future as well, but have no set date on those or anything.

Everything available can be found here:


Shop Update – Closing for the Holidays


Hey all,

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to temporarily shut down my shop for the remainder of the year. I was going to do this anyway, (a few weeks before Christmas) but because of other things going on in my life at the moment, I’ve decided to shut down sooner, rather than later.

My shop will remain open until Wednesday, November 18th. If you are interested in ordering any western pads or halters, do so THIS week. I have no plans on listing any new items (boots, pads, etc) for the rest of the year.

Sorry for the short notice – I will make some exceptions until the end of the week (the 21st) if you Facebook message me or contact me through my “About” page here. The 1-2 week turnaround time still applies, and this is only for the western working pads + stable halters.

This past year has been rather mind-blowing and I am so grateful for all the interest in my work. I’ve been looking ahead to 2016 already, and have some changes and new ideas in mind. I’m excited! 😀

I don’t have a set date for when I’ll re-open, but it shouldn’t be too long after the new year. Thank you all so, so much, and have a great holiday season!!